Barista Masterclass

5 days

This is our most complete and extensive program. Our belief remains the same - training and practical experience go hand in hand. This program doesn’t just combine all our courses together but takes it one step further by taking students through the set up and operation of a high end coffee bar.

The first two days are focused on intensive specialty coffee training in espresso preparation, dialing in, latte art and filter coffee. On day 3, we go for a coffee crawl through some of Melbourne’s best roasteries and cafes, sourcing our favourite coffees to use in the coffee bar. Day 4 is dedicated to dialing in, palate development and preparation for coffee service. We finish on day 5 by running a coffee bar for the tenants of Waterman Carribean Park - the largest co-working space in Australia.

We guarantee this course will be educational, challenging and inspirational to anyone passionate about coffee. For the full schedule of the program and to register interest, please fill out the form.

What is covered

  • Coffee knowledge and history

  • Basic Espresso Course

  • Latte Art Course

  • Advanced Espresso Course

  • Filter Coffee Course

  • Palate Development Course

  • Cupping

  • Advanced grinder and machine maintenance

  • Systems and service training

  • Real-time cafe experience

Who should come

  • Aspiring baristas

  • Experienced baristas

  • Any coffee lover

What is provided

  • Unlimited coffee and milk

  • Lunch provided daily

  • Certificate of completion


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