Basic Espresso

$170 | 2.5 hours

If you are new to coffee or are considering becoming a barista, this is the course for you! We believe in building a solid foundation first. This course focuses on understanding espresso theory, executing the correct technique and learning how to steam and pour a beautiful milk beverage. You will leave this session with the correct framework to make great coffee at home or begin your career as a barista.

This course goes for 2 and a half hours and is limited to 3 people.

What is covered

  • Espresso theory

  • Proper tamping and distribution technique

  • Milk steaming and pouring

  • Understanding the coffee menu

  • Cleaning and equipment maintenance

Who should come

  • Aspiring baristas

  • New baristas without specialty coffee experience

  • International students

  • Home espresso enthusiasts

  • Office workers with a coffee machine

  • Cafe owners

  • Any coffee lover

What is provided

  • Unlimited coffee and milk

  • Printed course material

  • Certificate of completion

Course Packages

We offer great discounts and savings when you book in for multiple barista courses. Please see our Packages page for more information.