Head Barista

$250 | 3 hours

We believe in the potential of a Head Barista to elevate a cafe's coffee program and overall success. A skilled and well equipped Head Barista will not only improve the product but also increase sales and reduce wastage.

This course is for baristas looking to take the next step in their career. Whether you are in a Head Barista position or looking to apply for one, this course will equip you to excel in your role.

All classes are limited to 3 people.

What is covered

  • Recipe development

  • Systems and speed

  • Leading a team

  • Stock control and wastage

  • Cleaning schedules

  • Resume writing tips

  • Individual skills assessment

Who should come

  • Aspiring head baristas

  • Current head baristas

  • Baristas that want to advance their career

What is provided

  • Unlimited coffee and milk

  • Printed material

Course Packages

We offer great discounts and savings when you book in for multiple barista courses. Please see our Packages page for more information.