Basic Espresso

$170 | 2.5 hours


If you are new to coffee or are considering becoming a barista, this is the course for you! We believe in building a solid foundation first. This course focuses on understanding espresso theory, executing the correct technique and learning how to steam and pour a beautiful milk beverage. You will leave this session with the correct framework to make great coffee at home or begin your career as a barista.

Barista Apprenticeship

$950 | 20 hours


Our Barista Apprenticeship program is designed specifically for anyone looking to get a job as a barista. We believe in the importance of training but understand it will only get you so far. Some things you just learn through experience. Therefore the program is not just dedicated to coaching and mentoring but also practical training within a cafe environment.

Latte Art

$150 | 2 hours


Latte art is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding skills to master as a barista. This course will focus purely on refining your milk and latte art skills.  Designs covered will include hearts, tulips and rosettas. This is a fun and casual course for those with at least basic experience on the coffee machine.

Advanced Espresso

$250 | 3 hours


Being a great barista is so much more than tamping and latte art. Nowadays it is essential to have the knowledge and tools to dial in coffee and develop recipes on a regular basis. This technical and in depth course breaks down the complexities of espresso and delves deeper into advanced milk and pouring technique.

Filter Coffee

$150 | 2 hours


Filter coffee is one of the easiest and purest ways to enjoy quality coffee. With the proper training and equipment, anyone can produce clean, balanced and delicious filter coffee in the cafe or at home. Various brew methods covered include aeropress, pour over and batch brew. 

Head Barista

$250 | 3 hours


We believe in the potential of a Head Barista to elevate a cafe's coffee program and overall success. A skilled and well equipped Head Barista will not only improve the product but also increase sales and reduce wastage. This course is for baristas looking to take the next step in their career. Whether you are in a Head Barista position or looking to apply for one, this course will equip you to excel in your role.

Palate Development

$250 | 3 hours


This course is for advanced and experienced baristas that wants to take a step further in developing their palate. Participants will run through FIVE curated and in-depth cuppings designed to help baristas utilise their palate to improve understanding and produce more delicious coffee.

Barista Masterclass

5 days


This is our most complete and extensive program. Our belief remains the same - training and practical experience go hand in hand, however this program combines all our courses together and goes one step further by taking students through the set up and operation of a high end coffee bar.